Hello, This is Surendra.

Welcome to Inventerbatteries.in

A few days ago we had a power cut in our city. I wasn’t expecting any problem as I have an inverter at my home. But, for some reason, the inverter started beeping and the entire house’s power was down.

After trying to restart it a few times and failing, I realized that the battery of the inverter has stopped working. Hence, we had to replace the battery.

This incident made me understand that inverter battery is very important for inverters to work smoothly.

So, I started to do my research for the best inverter battery for home inverters in India and purchased one for my home online from amazon.

Then a few days later, I thought of sharing information about inverters and batteries with the ones who are searching for the same. This blog started as a result!.

In this blog, you can find reviews and informative articles on inverters and their batteries.

I am sure you will have some good time reading blog articles – if not now then later at least 😉

Wishing you a good day.
Surendra Reddy