Tips to increase inverter battery life

Alright, so you have an inverter battery or you are planning to buy one, in any case, you would want to increase inverter battery life and want it to last for many years.

You would see people having the same battery model but for some people, it lasts longer.

Why do you think that happens?

The answer is simple. Care!

You would increase your inverter’s battery life if you care for it.

Caring for it is neither rocket science nor it requires a lot of time investment. All you need is, to give it a little bit of attention.


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind to ensure better battery life:

  • Ensure the battery terminals are clean. If you find something fishy with the battery terminals, you might need to contact the support team of the company.
  • The battery surface gets dirt from time to time. Make sure you clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Keep it as clean as possible.
  • The water level of the battery should not go below the minimum limit. My recommendation would be to check every 30-40 days and ensure that the water level is above the minimum limit.
  • Always keep the battery in an open and airy space. This will help it dissipate the heat with easy and hence keep it as cool as possible.
  • Keep the battery away from any type of heat, fire, smoke, etc. Protect it from catching fire to avoid accidents.
  • Top-up the water with distilled water only. Don’t use tap water as it has impurities that will affect badly.
  • Make sure the battery is in use. If there are not enough power cuts in your area, you may completely discharge it and recharge it again every month.
  • Give it an overall maintainence check with the help of expert as per manufacturer guidelines.


Batteries are the main part of an inverter. If keep them with proper care, they’ll serve you for many years to come.

I’m sure that these quick tips will help you.

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